About Ticket No - 105 Quick fix sending wrong sequence number in logon response of first login attempt

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About Ticket No - 105 Quick fix sending wrong sequence number in logon response of first login attempt

QuickFIX Documentation: http://www.quickfixengine.org/quickfix/doc/html/

Dear All,


I have raised following ticket no 105 but not received any response->


We are using the QuickFix library 1.13.3. in which we have found that when the user sent the first login request to QuickFix engine then sometimes it replies with** 35=5 with wrong sequence number without any reason. Then in the second login attempt login is successful without changing anything at FIX client side. Ideally at the start of session the sequence number must be one if in the login request the value 141 is Y.

Please check and know why this is happening only at first login attempt. Do we have to use any other QuickFix engine version. Kindly reply as early as possible



Warm regards

Rahul N. Nalawade


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