Content messages not counting as heartbeats ?

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Content messages not counting as heartbeats ?

Andrew Culross
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Does anyone remember a bug in which perhaps content messages did not count as HB in the QuickFix engine?


I have a (rate-feed) scenario in which upon logon I send off a boatload (technical term) of 35=R messages to start up a rate stream for different currency pairs and value dates when a session becomes active again – this seems to bring about a “socket connection reset by peer” message.


Restarting the service hosting QuickFix resolves the issue, but when it comes time for the session to restart again (daily sessions with a 30 min downtime) I get the same behavior.


This is an older version of the C++ implementation – just wondering if this sounds familiar to anyone and/or the latest version has fixed it.


Andrew Culross


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