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Open Source quickfix-jruby and testing tools

chris busbey
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Hi there!

We've just released a few open source JRuby gems that may be of interest to the QuickFIX community.

Easily import QuickFIX/J into your JRuby Application. 

RSpec matchers and Cucumber step definitions for testing FIX Messages

Agent framework designed for FIX applications

The latter two gems allow you to create rich, self describing Cucumber scenarios. See for an example of what you can do with these libraries.

Our company, Connamara Systems, is positioned in the Financial Technology space to deliver made-to-measure software using agile and test driven development methodologies. A lot of that software depends on the QuickFIX apis, and we make heavy use of Cucumber for our acceptance testing.  These libraries have been hardened by many development cycles that are now in production.

If you use BDD and FIX, these gems could be for you. Contributions encouraged!

Chris Busbey
Connamara Systems, LLC

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