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QuickFIX 1.14.0. is available

Oren Miller
QuickFIX 1.14.0 is available at http://www.quickfixengine.org

Release notes at http://www.quickfixengine.org/NEWS

Hello all,

This release has really been out for about a month, but just getting the
word out now.

Many performance improvements here.  Special thanks to Viktor Pogrebnyak
for his contributions.

Check the release notes for a full list of changes, but some things to

The .NET wrapper is now superseded but QuickFIX/n.  This is the same
process we went through when we removed the JNI wrapper in favor of
QuickFIX/J.  Like QuickFIX/J, QuickFIX/n has been in production for
quite some time, is a native implementation, and has a great company
supporting it, in this case Connamara Systems.

Visual Studio support is available for VS10, VS11, and VS12.  So now it
supports the latest public releases.  Older versions have been dropped.
We are now only supporting versions of Visual Studio that Microsoft
distributes with a freely available version of Visual Studio Express.
If you want to continue using older legacy versions of Visual Studio you
will need to maintain your own solutions, or use an older version of

Out website has been redesigned.  It is now just one landing page and
has all the same basic information.  Check it out, I think you'll find
it much easier to find what you need.

The documentation has been heavily reformatted and simplified.  The idea
is to make it a little easier for new users to get going.

This tagged release and all previous releases can also be pulled from
github.  Enjoy!

And thank you to the FIX protocol organization for honoring QuickFIX at
the FIX Trading Community Americas regional meeting in Chicago.

FIX is celebratings it's 20th year, and QuickFIX is now in its 13th
year.  Back then there was a lot of skepticism that open source would
work in the financial industry.  Now I can't even keep track of just the
open source FIX engines that are available.  Thanks for everyone's
support for QuickFIX and open source in finance.

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