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Quickfix vs AIX

QuickFIX Documentation: http://www.quickfixengine.org/quickfix/doc/html/


If anyone has experience compiling or using Quickfix on AIX 7.x (or even
6.x would help I guess), I would be glad to have some feedback.

As I reported a few years ago to this list, we had no real problems
compiling Quickfix on AIX 5.x. and it has been in production for all this
time. I left Fix support for a few years, in the meantime they had a few
issues with multithreading (which is quite specific on AIX) and now I am
back with the task of compiling Quickfix on AIX 7 because our clients are
migrating/upgrading their OS platforms.

This has been a nightmare through the whole process, from trying to
install gcc and g++ (I had different issues with 9 different gcc versions,
which I guess entitles me to setting a record of some sort), then
seemingly getting hit by a /bin/as AIX assembly bug as well as
libstdc++.so version woes.

I had quite a few issues on an AIX 6.x and can not get to compile there

More details are of course available but this is already a lengthy mail.

Currently, we are pursuing two options:

- try and run the binaries compiled on AIX 5.x on AIX 7.x, including
libstdc++.so.5 and libgcc_s_ppc64.a (shr.o) as reported missing by ldd. I
think it should work but when we will get a coredump in production, we
will always be wondering whether it comes from our code or just
compatibility issues and this worries me.

- download (done) and install (not succeeded yet) a demo version of IBM's
XLC/C++ compiler and if this works just get a licence.

We are currently using quickfix-1.12.4, I added a few #include <cstdio>
when gcc 4.x started complaining, I could not get the latest quickfix
version to compile out of the tar.gz but I would not think it is the main

Thanks in advance,

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