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Grant Birchmeier
QuickFIX Documentation:

There was no reason to send this to the QF/n and QF/J mailing lists.  We're not building the C++ quickfix, so we don't know.

​Also​, please don't reply to existing questions with new unrelated questions.  Send a new mail with a new subject line.

On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 2:33 PM, Andrew Ramsaran <[hidden email]> wrote:

Is Quickfix C++ current api supported on Visual Studio 2015?  If not, what's the highest version of Visual studio it can compile on?

Andrew Ramsaran
Jefferies LLC

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Subject: {{Quickfixn}} QuickFIX time precisions

FIX Standards have recently proposed changes, that require some code change in QuickFix engine.
Specifically, FIX introduced a change to the time precision to support microseconds and higher resolution timestamp.
A gap analysis made by FIX can be found by following the links in:
Please fill free to contact me directly if you need any clarifications about the new standards.

I would appreciate if anyone who is working to make the required changes will please contact me.

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