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SSL support for QuickFix C++

QuickFIX Documentation:


If there are any plans to port the SSL connectivity of QuickFix/J or
QuickFix/N to QuickFix C++, I would be interested to know. I searched in
quickfix-1.14.3.tar.gz and could not find any keywords including ssl.

I know I shoud be able to use stunnel or any over point to point
encryption to secure my Fix connection, but for some obscure reasons some
companies refuse to do that and realy on each application.

I am not sure I would be able to do the port myself, except if it is
really straightforward porting from java/C# to C++.

By the way, I had not compiled Quickfix in quite a while and I must give
my thanks to whoever took the time to add some visual c++ .sln "makefiles"
that compile "right out of the box", we do use windows sometimes for


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