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Alvin Wang


It seems there is only one way to create a Session object in Java:
public static native Session lookupSession(SessionID sessionID);

But if the session is not completely built up yet (for example, the sequence numbers cannot be agreed on and counterparty sends logout message in response my logon message), lookupSession will return null.  Therefore, I cannot use the following messages to try to check the status and adjust SeqNum....
  public native boolean isEnabled();
  public native boolean sentLogon();
  public native boolean sentLogout();
  public native boolean receivedLogon();
  public native boolean isLoggedOn();
  public native void reset() throws IOException;
  public native void setNextSenderMsgSeqNum(int int0) throws IOException;
  public native void setNextTargetMsgSeqNum(int int0) throws IOException;

So I wonder how to check the status and adjust SeqNum without a session object being created succesfully?

BTW, It seems that a logout message does not invoke fromAdmin callback:
public void fromAdmin(Message message, SessionID sessionID)  

But the logon message invokes toAdmin callback.

I wonder if there is a bug?

Thanks a lot!
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