What happen to setString(string,string) class in NewOrderSingle()

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What happen to setString(string,string) class in NewOrderSingle()

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Hi Team,

I am using the below code but unable to find the setString() class in it.

Could you please advise me how to fix this error

     Dim nos As New Quickfix.FIX42.NewOrderSingle()
                nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.ClOrdID(uniqueID()))

                '#Region "DefineInstrument"
                nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.SecurityExchange(instrument(0)))
                nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.Symbol(instrument(1)))

                If instrument.GetLength(0) = 4 Then
                    nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.SecurityType(instrument(2)))
                    nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.MaturityMonthYear(instrument(3)))
                ElseIf instrument.GetLength(0) = 3 Then
                    nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.SecurityID(instrument(2)))
                    Throw New System.Exception("Incorrect parameters for insturment definition")
                End If
                '#End Region

                nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.OrderQty(qty))
                nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.Side(bs))
                nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.Account(account))

                nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.OrdType(orderType))
                If orderType = QuickFix.Fields.OrdType.LIMIT Then
                    nos.[set](New QuickFix.Fields.Price(tradePrice))
                End If

                'Use this code if FA is setup to accept tag 47 and 204 instead of custom tag 18205
                'nos.set(new QuickFix.Rule80A(QuickFix.Rule80A.AGENCY_SINGLE_ORDER));
                'nos.set(new QuickFix.CustomerOrFirm(QuickFix.CustomerOrFirm.CUSTOMER));
                nos.setString(CTS.TTAccountType.FIELD, CTS.TTAccountType.A1)

                'To add a TT custom tag to a QuickFix Message you must use setField or similar
                'the set method of the QuickFix42 message only allows setting standard FIX 4.2 fields
                'required for environments with multiple gateways with same products
                If gateway IsNot Nothing Then
                    nos.(CTS.ExchangeGateway.FIELD, gateway)
                End If

                  nos.setString(CTS.FFT2.FIELD, "FFT2")
                nos.setString(CTS.FFT3.FIELD, "FFT3")